miércoles, noviembre 16, 2005

Entrevista a Sleater-Kinney

Este fin de semana debería tocar en España por primera vez uno de los mejores grupos de rock del momento, las estadounidenses Sleater-Kinney. Les hice esta rápida entrevista por email para publicar como previa de sus directos en el "Metrópoli" pero al final se han cancelado y, sniff, la entrevista tampoco se va a publicar. No es, desde luego, una gran interviú. Las preguntas eran para ilustrar un texto mayor en plan perfil del grupo y Corin Tucker respondió apresuradamente en plena gira estadounidense. Aquí va el texto inédito. Permitidme que lo deje tal cual en el inglés original, pero estoy muy vago para traducir.

How is your tour going? Many differences in comparison with your previous tours?
We're touring the midwest of the United States right now. The tour is going well, the shows have been good. It seems similar to some of our other tours, except we have more songs to play.
Why would you recommend not to miss a S-K concert?
Sleater-Kinney shows are unpredictable and wild, and usually quite good. We make a new set list each night and try to do something different each time.
What role would you say "The Woods" plays in your evolution as a band?
I think this record is a big leap for us, with a lot more musical experimentation. We all pushed ourselves to play something just out of our skill reach, so that we could grow as musicians.
You're very critic with corporate rock and with the current state of pop culture, in general. What are the things you miss the most in that sense? Do you think past times were better?
I miss the freaks, the people who were making music because they had to, because they were dying to tell their story. I am not interested in the bands now who just want to "make it".
Some of your lyrics ("The Fox", "Modern Girl") are like fables about modern life. What moves you to do it that way and what are your intentions?
I think since I've had a child I read a lot of children's stories. They are simple but there are very dark underlying themes.
Haven't you ever had the temptation of adding a bass player to the band?
We just played with Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament. We got a taste of what we're missing!
Thank you!

Canción del día: "I Guess I'm Just A Little Too Sensitive" (Ivy)

Frase del día: "¡Eh, tú, lupus cani!" (un vagabundo a un perro que iba acompañado de su dueño)

Famosos avistados: Víctor Coyote (Calle Preciados)


Anonymous Anónimo said...

Que putada las suspensiones de estos conciertos.

Por cierto, me sigue gustando más "One Beat" que "The Woods".

6:06 p. m.  
Anonymous Calros said...

No creo que estén en su mejor momento, solo he escuchado tres discos además de "The Woods" y cualquiera de ellos me parecen mejor.

6:36 p. m.  

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