miércoles, abril 08, 2009

Aguas mil

"April, how could i not have seen/ April, you coming/ April, how could i have worn inappropriate clothing?/ April, all that careful stepping rounding of my soul and now your rain

April, I feel you leaving/I don't know what silence means/It could mean anything

April, won't you answer me?/These days just seem to crush me/ Hatching, collapsing, tumbling down/ April, what if i drown

I don't know what silence means/ It could mean anything, won't you answer me?/ I dreamed, April, that I'm walking/ That I'm watching, April, your rain, it overcomes me"

("April". PJ Harvey & John Parish. 2009)

Frase del día: "Las prostitutas van al cielo, son sus clientes quienes van al infierno" (David LaChapelle)


Blogger supersalvajuan said...

Frase mítica

12:23 p. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

Dios que discazo, Dios que temazo Black Hearted Love, Dios que pedazo de video, Dios que grande que es la pillei.

9:32 p. m.  

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