sábado, marzo 05, 2005

Moon Child

"I_ They say i made the moon. Everything was in the dark. No memories at all. Just a tiny freezing wind in my back. And I was sitting there, singing a song I had never heard before. Suddenly a voice told me: "keep on singing little boy, and raise your arms to the big black sky. Raise your arms the highest you can, so the whole universe will glow". II_ My first vision was a bush growing down the river, and I couldn't stop crying. Something was missing: I realized I was in love with the voice. I called it again and again, but all I heard was the echo in the light".

M83: cd "Before The Dawn Heals Us" (Grooom/ Labels/ Virgin, 2005)

Mi nick en el soulseek es tingugi.

Frase del día: "A ver cuándo me nombras en tu diario como tu mentor" (Alberto)

Famosos avistados: Tito (Penélope Trip), saliendo del MacDonald's de la calle Silva con una bolsa de MacDonald's en la mano.


Anonymous Anónimo said...

Solo falta que nos reediten el Pornography de The Cure.

12:05 p. m.  
Blogger David said...

Queda poco!!!!

2:18 p. m.  

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